The 2014 Australian Marine Debris Initiative Conference was held in Cairns from the 4th - 6th December. Tangaroa Blue crew members, volunteers, Indigenous Land & Sea Rangers, Government agencies and other partner organisations came together to network and review marine debris activities that had been taking place around the country during the year, and make a plan for 2015.

Partners were given the opportunity to present on the work that they are doing... read more

Wow... Deep breath! Can you believe it? It's the end of 2014 already! Seems like just yesterday I was writing the introduction to the first newsletter of the year, and now here we are!
2014 proved to be another eventful year for Tangaroa Blue Foundation and our friends, with many highlights, including our 10th year anniversary, mega clean-ups, awards and achievements.

Check out all the latest news in our Summer Newsletter!

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Every five years, the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority (GBRMPA) publishes an Outlook Report - the latest Outlook Report is now available.

From GBRMPA's website

"Every five years, we publish an Outlook Report that examines the Great Barrier Reef’s health, pressures, and likely future. The report is required under Great Barrier... read more

The terms ‘citizen science’ and ‘citizen scientist’ have been added to the OED:

 citizen science n. scientific work undertaken by members of the general public, often in collaboration with or under the direction of professional scientists and scientific institutions.

 citizen scientist n. (a) a scientist whose work is characterized by a sense of responsibility to serve the best interests of the wider community (now... read more

Sir David Attenborough is set to film a new BBC wildlife series in the Great Barrier Reef. When people ask the famous presenter what his most magical experience has been, he responsds "I always say without a word of exaggeration 'the first time I was lucky enough to scuba dive on the Great Barrier Reef"

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The Great Barrier Reef Foundation is hosting a ReefBlitz event at Cannondale Beach (Airlie), in October 2014. 

Check out the website or the Facebook page for the latest updates!

If you are keen to get involved as a potential survey leader, contact the Great Barrier Reef Foundation... read more

As part of National Science Week, members of the Citizen Science Alliance hosted six events across the Queensland Coast.  

The week began with MangroveWatch, launching an interactive exhibition of science and art in Brisbane’s CBD.  During the week, Heron Island Research Station showcased scientific research being conducted on the reef with resort guests and research station visitors. 

On Saturday August 23rd, Tangaroa Blue, Fitzroy Partnership for... read more

Citizen Science 2015 is the inaugural conference of the Citizen Science Association (CSA), two days of building connections and exchanging ideas across a wide spectrum of disciplines and experiences. Participate and help to shape the future of citizen science!

Citizen Science 2015, February 11th-12th, San Jose, California, USA

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The Great Barrier Reef Citizen Science Alliance has released its new website.

This site is a central hub for the community to discover and become involved in citizen science projects around the Great Barrier Reef

Citizen Science is the active involvement of the wider community in scientific research.  There are many different Citizen Science organisations operating in and... read more

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