Tangaroa Blue Foundation

Australian Marine Debris Initiative – be part of the solution!

Tangaroa Blue Foundation coordinates the Australian Marine Debris Initiative (AMDI) which is a network of volunteers and partners around the country monitoring the impacts of marine debris along our coastlines. But if all we do is clean-up, that’s all we’ll ever do, so the AMDI program links beach and river clean-up activities with data collection and tracking debris to the source. Then by working with all partners we create Source Reduction Plans which prevent marine debris from entering the environment in the first place. 

With an estimated 18,000 pieces of plastic in each square kilometre of ocean, impacting over 77 Australian species, both removing and preventing ocean pollution are key elements to improving the health of our oceans. 

Rarely has such an international issue had such a simple solution – reduce, refuse, reuse and recycle – you can choose to be part of the solution. 

To get involved visit www.tangaroablue.org

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