The Australian National Sportsfishing Association (Queensland Branch)

Sport, conservation, integrity.

ANSA Queensland affiliated clubs and members establish and manage fishery monitoring programs in line with organisational ethics and values. Membership of the Association is approximately 200 clubs, containing over 5000 members determined to promote sportfishing under the motto “sport, conservation, integrity”.

ANSA Queensland runs a comprehensive fish tagging program, which is encompassed by the national tagging program Austag.Monitoring programs also complement other research and monitoring activities being carried out by like-minded groups, organisations and local, state or federal government bodies.

These programs provide the ability to better understand and keep track of the health of fisheries in our own back yard and can be used for (but is not limited to) the monitoring of things such as:

  • the success of a restocking program
  • survival rates, growth patterns or movement characteristics of a particular fish species
  • the general health or potential recovery of a particular area (i.e. – declared net free areas)
  • Other objectives ANSA QLD clubs and their members feel is important within a particular area

An ANSA Queensland monitoring program is comprised of three core parts:

  1. A monitoring plan
  2. Capture data collection; and
  3. Capture data reporting

If you catch a fish with a pink re-capture tag, then let ANSA Queensland know via the online form!

Visit the ANSA QLD website.

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